Townsville Drink Safe Precinct Support Services

The Drink Safe Precinct Support Service identifies vulnerable people and potential safety issues, with the aim to assist with the dispersal of people from the Townsville Drink Safe Precinct.  The Drink Safe Support Service is intended to achieve a reduction in alcohol-related violence in the Townsville Drink Safe Precinct, and supports vulnerable people in the Drink Safe Precinct during peak times.

Drink Safe increases the safety and well-being of vulnerable people, provides rest and recovery services for people who are intoxicated and seeks assistance for people who are at risk of harm to themselves or others.

Drink Safe consists of a minimum of one Rest and Recovery team operating on both Friday and Saturday nights. The Rest and Recovery may be delivered from fixed or mobile facilities. Rest and Recovery will be provided in a quiet space or adjacent to the Townsville Drink Safe Precinct, and may also be staffed by a mix of a senior practitioner and skilled professionals. Support and risk management strategies are in place to ensure the safety of rest and recovery staff.

The service will provide the following to intoxicated and/or vulnerable people:

  • A safe place where vulnerable individuals can rest and recover
  • Water
  • Appropriate first aid
  • Referral to a range of services including Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland police, Hospitals, Child Safety and sexual assault services.
  • Precinct Information e.g. toilet locations, taxi rank locations, transport information
  • Social connection e.g. use of mobile phone, spare phone for SIM cards, locating friends and family
  • Advocacy on behalf of clients to enable them to access services and/or entitlements

The target group for this service is vulnerable people leaving licensed venues in the Townsville Drink Safe Precinct. The Townsville Drink Safe precinct covers the area from; Flinders St West through the Townsville mall and surrounding CBD district into Flinders St East and surrounding str