Mental Health Respite: Carer Support (Cairns and Surrounding Areas)

Anglicare Mental Health Respite, Carer Support delivers holistic services to carers, families, neighbours, parents, partners or siblings caring for someone with a mental illness, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Mental Health Respite Carer Support works to meet the needs of carers and care recipients impacted by disability, incorporating a respectful and empathetic approach toward promoting growth, recovery and wellness in all service delivery options within Cairns and Surrounding Regions.

Anglicare Carer Support program works with Carers in the development of strategies that promote and enhance their own physical health and wellbeing, strengthens their relationships and maintains linkages within their communities.  This program tailors flexible support which enables carers and/or significant others to find a balance in their own lives whilst maintaining their caring role.

Mental Health Respite assists with long term planning for respite from care by sourcing appropriate & alternative options that increase opportunities for regular ‘time out’, determine appropriate supports & assistance, including brokerage for carers based on a needs assessment and offers information and referral to other community services, programs or activities that enhance personal capacity and support the carer to regain own ‘identity’ outside of the caring role.

Mental Health Respite can provide emotional and moral support and identify practical coping strategies by planning for self-care & effective decision making, including planning for and maintaining physical health, social and emotional wellbeing. This includes supporting carers to strategically create and maintain sustainable strategies that focus on emotional wellness for themselves and the person they care for, plus identify and assist to strengthen natural supports of carers which enhance their individual coping skills and develop sustainable self-management practices to improve problem solving ability in times of a crisis.

Mental Health Respite - Carer Support Mount Isa

Mental Health Respite can deliver or facilitate educational workshops or projects, social and recreational activities and work collaboratively within the sector to maximise and strengthen linkages within the community which benefit Anglicare, its stakeholders, Carers, families & significant others. Respite will link carers to existing social and recreational activities aimed at increasing the carer and care recipients social participation and community connectedness. Anglicare Mental Health Respite will work collaboratively within the community though positive contribution and practical support whilst maintaining effective relations with all stakeholders, in alignment with ANQL’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Mental Health Respite provides advocacy, information and referrals to other community supports such as Indigenous, LGBTI and CALD services.

Working in partnership with families, carers (and care recipients where appropriate) Health and Allied Health professionals, Government agencies and the community services sector to plan and deliver appropriate support options for carers.

Mental Health Respite provides opportunities for carers to attain:

  • Information and improved access to Community and Government Services
  • Targeted and evidence based education programs delivered to carers available in their community
  • Crisis Support for carers and families in need including, but not limited to navigating the processes of service access and eligibility for support and assistance within the community services sector and government agencies, both State and Federal.
  • Referrals to professional counselling to promote resilience building that assists carers to manage and maintain their ongoing caring role
  • Support Group activities in Cairns and a range of rural communities
  • Negotiate flexible respite opportunities, maximising co-brokerage opportunities that provide long term benefits
  • Offer targeted forums and workshops that benefit carers, the public and service providers increasing community awareness in the promotion of carers