Transitional Housing Program (THP)

The Transitional Housing Program, funded through the Department of Child Safety, provides accommodation and support (share house and outreach placement unit) to young people, aged 15-17 years with moderate to complex support needs, currently in the care of Child Safety Services (Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services) and who have a readiness to transition into alternative independent accommodations.

Supported Independent Living is care provided to young people in residential premises by paid or contracted workers. It involves individual or small group living and is most suited to young people aged 15-17 years  of age with moderate to high needs who are in the process of transitioning from care to independent living.

Placement needs and related supports of young people referred by Child Safety Services (Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services) will be identified in a departmental case plan and departmental transition from care plan for each child and be subject to regular reviews.

  • THP provides practical support to young people in preparation for transitioning to independent living by :
    • supporting the development and enhancement of the young person’s life skills and self-care.
    • assisting young people to develop or improve their social skills and relationships, including with family, peers and other social networks as appropriate.
    • increasing the young person’s access to information and community supports, including in relation to future accommodation, housing, health and income support.
    • facilitating access of young people to ongoing education, employment and skills acquisition opportunities.
  • Case planning and placement decision-making undertaken by Child Safety Services will occur through genuine consultation and participation with the child or young person, parents and other family members (where appropriate), carers and/or direct care staff, and other specialist staff and professionals.
  • Transitional Housing Program provides residential care which is evidenced-based and informed particularly by theories of child development, attachment, trauma and grief and loss.

THP will work in partnership with Child Safety Services to identify, establish and maintain, where appropriate, connections between child and family (including extended family); community; and persons of significance (such as elders or close family friends); and be supportive of individual rights and ethnic, religious and cultural identity and values.

Young people in the care and protection of Child Safety aged 15-17 years with moderate to complex support needs in the Far North Queensland Region,

Region covered by this agency: Far North Queensland Region: Cairns North, Edmonton, Innisfail, Atherton, Cape York South & Torres Strait Islands and Cape York North & Torres Strait Islands Child Safety Service Centres.

Contact Details

TPH is a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week model of care. Office hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 07 4054 3371
Fax: 07 4054 3387


Young people are encouraged to provide feedback to TPH regarding their involvement with the service. Feedback forms are available on site at TPH and can readily be accessed.

Young people and services are also encouraged to provide feedback to Anglicare North Queensland Limited (ANQL). Feedback forms are also available from the Anglicare North Queensland Limited (ANQL) offices or download the Anglicare North Queensland Online Feedback Form.

Please email feedback forms to or post to 179 Lake St Cairns QLD 4870.

Alternatively, complete the form below to submit your feedback online.

Please provide comments about the service that you have received from Anglicare North Queensland Limited (ANQL). Comments can be about improvements, complaints or positive feedback about the service that you have received.

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