Anglicare NQ provides a wide range of Youth support services across the North Queensland area including Cairns, Mareeba and Townsville, including Youth Support, Case Management, Outreach, Emergency Male and Female accommodation and Out of Home Care.

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2 hours ago

Youth Support Program - Cairns

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🌟 Do what you love 🌟

#makeup #expressyourself #whatevermakesyousmile
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🌟 Do what you love 🌟

 #makeup #expressyourself #whatevermakesyousmile

What you believe, you achieve 🕊 ... See MoreSee Less

What you believe, you achieve 🕊

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17 hours ago

Beyond Blue

This week, clubs from two of Australia’s biggest sporting codes are hosting the Beyond Blue Cup round and encouraging supporters to speak up about mental health, wellbeing and the importance of seeking help.

The NRL's Wests Tigers and the AFL’s Hawthorn Football Club are encouraging people to start conversations about mental health, because talking about mental health is the game changer

Watch Hawthorn player Jarman Impey talk about how he takes care of his wellbeing. Visit the link below for ideas on little things you can do that can make a big difference for your overall wellbeing.
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Phil Richards


2 days ago

Beyond Blue

OCD is an anxiety disorder. People living with OCD are troubled by recurring unwanted thoughts, images, or impulses, as well as obsessions and repetitive rituals.

People with OCD are usually aware their symptoms are irrational and excessive, but they find the obsessions uncontrollable and the compulsions impossible to resist.

As part of SANE Australia's #BeKindToYourMind series, Joshua talks about identities, misconceptions and what we can do to normalise OCD. The Be Kind to Your Mind series is supported by Future Generation Global, in partnership with batyr. Check out the rest of the series at the link below.
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Great work Josh!

Cognitive behavioural therapy helps.

I think most people have a little bit of OCD,however,it is a really chronic disease for some..It effectively controls people lives and those who love them 😪

I have some OCD traits....

Thanks Joshua

Nicely said.

Good on you Josh 👏

Well done Josh

Jarrod Capuano

Mark Towey

Andy Kerrigan

David Rajput 💜

Paul Williamson

Jennifer Milne

I have to have all my banknotes in my wallet in order and the same way. I wonder if that is ocd.

Yeah... I got no response to that.. I have insane OCD.. or as called by my mates... the "CEO of OCD" 🤷‍♂️. 🤔

If you continuously count things, is that OCD ?

Good job, Josh 🙂

Steve Lacy you at the gym 🤣

Chris D Burgess vacuum cleaning lol

Julia Mary plz be kinder 😒

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When someone walks over 😶 ... See MoreSee Less

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Need a hand putting yourself out there? 8 ways to be less socially awkward 🔜

Made me smile , thanks

Sarah Hoyte This reminds me of our little ‘recruitment’ experience we had tonight 🤷🏼‍♀️

Christa Seckman Keran this is what made me laugh in the bathroom

Remesa we kanne niet zo zijn 😭😂

Mitzi Sadler Christine Connor me every minute of every day...until alcohol presents itself

Hey Glen Stitt i believe this is how Samaki Tonge treats us now when he sees us in the hallway...😂🤣. Must be nice Eddie Ingram, Michael Knudsen not to get this treatment...haha

Reminds me of when you were younger. Moving like that between the kitchen and living room. lol

Yasmine Ot moi, n'eût été de tes directives claires envoyées tout à l'heure

Mike GilpinJt CarrollAndi TurnerTanner MeierleKeegan Hannaford me sitting in front of my locker on my 15s eating chips and every co worker who walks past me asks why I’m eating on the floor😂😂

Emily it's Nolan when I get him to smile. He doesn't give me the satisfaction of seeing him smile

Chastity Kennedy Facebook is acting crazy on letting me reply to your comment. So I'm creating my own. 🤷🏾‍♀️ In my defense, please notice in the video the attempt it has made to even come outside versus looking out of the window. That's progress and enough socializing for one day! 💪🏾🤣🤣🤣

I wish I had horns like that

Minna: vocês precisam pedir pra tocar. A gente: Tais Evelyn Inanna Gabriela Nathalia Giulia hahaha

Hey what kind of animal is this? Anyone know?

Bahahaha!! But super stealthy about it lol

Me at work 한서희 lol

Hahahaha it perfectly describes me a human being

The little snout twitch is me

Candace Lourdes this reminds me of that Kratos stalker video you sent before

Rion this is me I’m sure

Me: Yusuf let’s go to lunch please Yusuf:

OMG so hilarious

Lauren Jean Katlin Michelle Tolly Taylor every firefighter that sees our cameras trying to get video

Alena Tucci us complaining we don’t have friends, but still doing nothing about it

This #MensHealthWeek, we're giving a shout out to Brisbane Hustlers! These legends have created an accepting, inclusive rugby community.

Gwyn, Jason, Leki and Pakia share how the Hustlers helped them accept themselves and their sexuality.

Gay footy players FTW! 🏉🌈
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Join the convo over in our forums as we chat about Men's Health Week:

i know some of these blokes, like in real life, this is good to see them getting publicity. great effort.

Neemiah Tupuse Tony Tones Steven N Timani Stowers Frank Tamilo Logoia it’s never to late to change your name to “GOODNA HUSTLERS” 🤣🤣🤣 Tasi Tila Ben Malu Talatonu Tupuse

Rugby is a sport that welcomes everyone and we are here for it! 🌈 🏈 🌈 🏈

This is brilliant! Thanks to your team for sharing our stories of love, rugby and the importance of finding your tribe! Big love to you all, from all of us!! 🌈 🌈 🏈 🏈

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"It feels really good to do things for your culture and for your people, to kind of be that role model..." 🙌🏾 Our absolute fave Rebecca Hatch telling it like it is! ⁣

A proud Kamilaroi and Samoan women, Rebecca is an awesome role model and inspiration to her community in Western Sydney and beyond. ⁣

Catch her performing with Briggs at the State of Origin tonight 👀 and do yourself a favour - give her music a listen STAT 😍 ⁣

Watch the full video here:

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That's beautiful aunty..she is already make you and all of our family proud ❤❤🌷🌷

Awww Tammy Hatch you made me tear up... you both are awesome... great stuff!! 😘😘😘

Becca has accomplished so much! So proud of her 🙏 Thanks Tammy Hatch for being an awesome role model for us mother's. Love you both ❤

What a beautiful bond between mother and daughter, the way to success is through the support of her family and she has proven so many times that it is true❤️ I am so proud and honoured to see this beautiful journey, well done Tammy Hatch and Rebecca Hatch❤️💛💕

Job well done Tammy as a parent so proud of you and your daughters achievement.. all the way Rebecca..many bless always🙏🏾❤️🌺🌸🌼

So beautiful Tammy to see this, such a wonderful girl Becca is always humble and hardworking.

Fantastic Tammy Hatch your guidance and community spirit comes through in Rebecca's success. God bless.

Tammy Hatch you are amazing. Rebecca gets her fighting spirit from you. Every time I see her, I see you. Well done Becca 😘

You go girl