Youth Support Program (YSP)

Youth Support Program (YSP) supports young people who are at risk of disconnecting from family, community, school, training and employment. This includes working with young people who are at risk of self-harming, homelessness and substance misuse. YSP aims to assist young people to improve their capacity to develop independent living skills as well as improving their overall health and wellbeing.

YSP provides a free and confidential service to Young People aged 12-18 years within the Cairns Region.

Youth Support Program

YSP provides Centre Based Support, Case Management, Outreach and Virtual Support.

Youth Support Program
Youth Support Program
Youth Support Program
Youth Support Program
Youth Support Program Kitchen
Youth Support Program Lounge Room

Outreach and Diversionary

The YSP Outreach team provides after hours support 3 afternoons or evenings a week, supporting young people with personal care, food, life skills, education, transport and hygiene needs. Outreach deliver activities that are educational, fun and engaging with an emphasis on harm minimisation. Outreach support and facilitate family and social reconnection for young people who are at risk of isolation and disengaging from society,

Outreach activities are responsive to community needs, providing support at known areas within the community with issues relating to young people. YSP outreach team will often be seen in the  community in locations where young people congregate. 

YSP readily provide ‘Chill out Zones’ at events and functions for young people. The ‘Chill out Zones’ are manned by professional staff that will engage with young people and the wider community to provide a ‘safe zone’ where people can rest and recover and can access information and referral advice.


Personal Support For Growth 

The YSP believe in a holistic response when supporting young people to overcome life’s challenges. We acknowledge that young people, although they present with one issue, are complex and often their needs are far greater than first presumed.

YSP provides support with a male or female support worker to assist the growth and development of the young person. 

We provide;

  • Sibling and Family support
  • Myth busting (education regarding issues)
  • Referrals to other support agencies and specialist services
  • Case management
  • Counselling,
  • Alcohol and Drug counselling
  • Personal support
  • Virtual Supports through; Facebook, private chat and referrals to other online support networks


Anglicare NQ and Community

Anglicare North Queensland are a large organisation with a wide range of services. YSP can support young people to gain access to its many services including;

  •  St Margarets Young Womens Shelter
  •  St Johns Young Mens Shelter
  •  Community Outreach food bank and clothing supports
  •  Housing support and referral services
  •  Mental Health and Respite referral support

We believe in strengthening young peoples roots in order for them to reach their potential. This requires a holistic and often creative planning and engagement strategy which we individualise for each young person who seek our assistance.

The Morning Run

The Morning Run
Supporting young people to re-engage in education

Join the Great Dream

The Great Dream Project
Young people volunteering and doing good within the community every Monday

Hands on Project

The Hands On Project
Build, learn and gain experience every Tuesday

Feel Good Fitness

The Feel Good Fitness Project
Get fit and have fun every Wednesday

Evening Outreach

Evening Outreach
Every Thursday from 6pm onwards at YSP on Bunda Street